How To Chat Up Women, Step 1 & 2 Failures ~ How To Flirt With Girls

How To Chat Up Women, Step 1 & 2 Failures

how to chat up womenTaking a look back at our previous post, let's continue the topic of how to chat up women. Again, this is a super simplified 4-step model, but almost all guys will fail at one of the points. For the full guide on how to chat up women and approach and attract, check out our sponsors. To summarize, the 4 steps on how to chat up women are: Start a conversation, show her your good points, tell her what you like about her, and set up another time to meet. Keep reading to find out why 95% of men won't make it past step 1 of how to chat up women.

How to chat up women, Step 1 Failures:
Out of 1000 guys, 950 won't even start a conversation with a cute girl. They'll see her, think to themselves, "wow, she's cute", and keep walking, never to see her again. Think about this... What if she was your dream girl? What if you had the same favorite bands? What if you loved the same type of food? What if you were soulmates? Too late now, buddy. I could go on and on with the 'what ifs', but the truth is that you'll never know now. If you want to win at this game, you have to play. If you can't start a conversation with a girl, then work on it. I'll cover this in another post, but for now you MUST get past this or you won't even have a chance to chat up women.

How to chat up women, Step 2 Failures:how to chat up women girls
Out of the 50 guys who actually say something (they've got the guts, which is an AWESOME starting point), most will get stuck talking about the usual things like the weather, where she's from, what she does for work, etc. Everyone else talks about that stuff. Step 2 is to get her to like you. Talking about her job won't do that. In a future post I will get into specific details on how to smoothly bring up cool stories about yourself, your interests, and your knowledge.

Learning how to chat up women is a 4-step process, so you must start at step 1 and follow through. Stay tuned to find out why the 10 guys who made it this far... aren't even home free yet.


Alexander Brayden said...

They really are attracted to guys who make them feel protected and secure and excited at the same time. Nice guys who do pretty much everything that a woman will soon find themselves heading for lonelyville. Thanks for sharing.

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